Measure internet speed.

Measure internet speed.

Measuring the speed of your internet, both ADSL and fiber optics…. With the different plans and services that are offered today by different telecommunications companies, it is normal that in every home there is a different plan for the internet. Today we’ll talk about the importance of measuring the speed of your Internet connection, an issue that not everyone knows and that, when paying for a certain plan, you need to know to verify that everything is in order with our connection.

Internet speed: What you need to know.

Having a basic understanding of how internet plans work and how fast your connection should be up- and downstream is important to make sure that our money is being well spent and that there is no problem that could slow it down. If you’re paying for a 15mb download plan, that’s the speed you should be downloading.

There are different reasons why your internet connection may be slow, among them we have:

Viruses: Some viruses and malware send many packets using your connection or “block” part of it, causing slowdowns on your Internet.
Driver failure: The failure of your network card could be the cause of the slowness.
Physical failure: the cable, connectors, or even the router may be failing, so the first thing to do is to test your internet speed to compare the results when trying possible solutions to the problem.
Problems with your internet provider: sometimes the failure is not local. If your ISP has any problems providing the connection, it can slow down dramatically.
Each of the above points has one thing in common: the importance of measuring the speed of your Internet connection.

 Still not convinced?

Another case in which it is important to measure your internet speed is if you want to change your internet plan. Companies always offer large numbers and different “maximum speed” plans, but they do not always comply. The best way to know this is to first measure your speed to get a base before you change plans. With this you can see your current speed and compare it with the next one. Once you have purchased your new Internet package, a speed measurement is best to confirm that the speed you were offered is the same as the speed you have available.

So you know, measuring the speed of your internet is very important for different aspects, so if you don’t know what your speed is yet, it’s time to do a test.

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